Version 0.9

Pull Request actions from Slack

Syeda Zainab

Last Update vor 2 Jahren

This release brings a brand new feature that enables you to take quick actions on pull requests within the Slack conversation. No unnecessary context-switching to GitHub. Simply mention the Pullflow bot in a pull request thread (”@Pullflow approve”) to complete a variety of pull request tasks.

Example Actions

By mentioning the Pullfllow bot in the pull request Slack thread, you can have Pullflow complete various GitHub Pull Requests tasks on your behalf. Here are a few examples:

Pull request actionExample command
Request a code review@Pullflow request review from @Wanda
Approve a code review@Pullflow approve "LGTM"
Assign the pull request@Pullflow assign to @Wanda
Request changes on a pull request@Pullflow request changes "Add tests"
Add a code review comment (PR feedback)@Pullflow add review comment "Great work"
Add one or more labels@Pullflow add labels wontfix, documentation
Remove one or more labels@Pullflow remove label wontfix
Close the code review@Pullflow close
Reopen the code review@Pullflow reopen

You can get the full list of commands by mentioning "@Pullflow help" in a thread or using the "/Pullflow help" Slack command from the channel.

Try these out on your next code review and let us know what you think!

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