Version 0.8

Slash Commands, Labels & Home Tab


Last Update منذ عامين

This update comes with three new features and several behind the scenes improvements. Plus, Pullflow has been officially reviewed and approved by Slack. 🎉

Slack Commands

Pullflow now supports Slack slash commands. You can use Slash command to configure Pullflow-connected Slack channels (`/pullflow config`) or get help (`/pullflow help`). More commands are on the way!

Pull Request Labels

Some of the larger dev teams on Pullflow make extensive use of GitHub labels to manage their workflow. Popular use cases of labels include:

  1. Assigning PRs to sub-teams (`billing`, `design`)
  2. Setting transient states on the PRs (`needs lead review`)
  3. Triaging PRs by priority or release (`next release`)

The new PR message now includes the currently assigned labels so teams can simply glance at the channel to see the custom workflow state of all the PRs. We've also added experimental support for filtering PRs by labels. Let us know if you'd like to restrict which PRs show up in your channel based on labels.

Home Tab

Pullflow now has a new Home tab within your Slack workspace. You can tap on Pullflow under Apps or simply search for Pullflow within Slack to see the app Home. For now, it displays helpful tips to get you started with Pullflow. Stay tuned for more exciting features coming soon.

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