Version 0.7

Channel Configuration, Bot Filters and More


Last Update 2 jaar geleden

We are excited to share new features based on top feedback from our wonderful community of early adapters. There is a brand new Channel Configuration experience for connecting repos, customizing check run updates, and filtering out bot messages. Plus a few tweaks to reduce message verbosity.

New channel configuration experience

When you invite the Pullflow bot to your channel, or when you enter the message @Pullflow config, you are now greeted with a rich setup dialog within Slack.

Connecting and disconnecting repositories

Depending on your workflow, you may want to connect one or more GitHub repositories to your Pullflow-enabled channel in Slack (see our guide for options). You can easily connect and disconnect repos for the channel using the new auto-complete multi-selector.

Taming check run updates

Pullflow shows you check run summary and details as they occur. This helps you stay up-to-date on the PR automations such as GitHub Actions, CI/CD, tests, linters, etc. If you prefer to only see pass/fail updates, you can configure that from the check runs dropdown. You can also turn off check run messages and just see reactions on the PR root message.

Filtering out bot messages

Pullflow includes message activity related to the code review in the PR thread. This includes updates from bots such as Linear, Renovate, Netlify, etc. Some teams prefer the threads to be reserved for humans. Now you can mute all third-party bots by selecting 'None' for bot messages. 🤖 = 🤐

Other improvements

  • Pullflow now includes a summary message in the thread to show which files/folders are included in the PR.
  • All reactions are removed from the PR root message upon merge/close for a much cleaner at-a-glance look.
  • Check run success message skips the checklist items to reduce verbosity.
  • Skipped check run items are now supported.

We hope you enjoy these new features and enhancements. Let us know what you think by dropping us a chat message. As always, we'd love your feedback as we continue to develop and evolve Pullflow for everyone.

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