Version 0.6

Commit List, Auto Tags & more


Last Update 2 jaar geleden

We made major investments in our infrastructure for this release, bringing it up to the latest and greatest software stack. In addition, we were able to squeeze some handy features:

  1. Commit list for PR code updates
  2. Auto tag for important review events

Commit list for code updates

When you push code changes to a pull request, your team will now see the list of commit labels in the Slack message. Assuming you follow the atomic commits best practice, the updated message will serve as a concise list of all the logical changes made since the last review. This helps the reviewer (and others) see the progress you've made so far and jump in to provide any feedback or help.

Auto tag for review events

Code review threads can get busy sometimes. PR authors will now get tagged automatically for key events such as changes requested by reviewer. This helps the authors or assignees stay on on top of the most important updates on their PRs.

Stay tuned for more features coming to 0.7 as we build on our shiny new infrastructure. 🎉

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