Version 0.5

Better Automation Messages, Commit List and more


Last Update há 3 anos

This version of Pullflow comes with some exciting new features for your teams:

  1. Dynamic check list for GitHub actions and apps
  2. Commit lists for PR updates
  3. Review comment resolution
  4. Upstream PRs from forks

Dynamic check list for GitHub actions and apps

GitHub apps and actions are a great way to add automation to your PR workflow (e.g. automatic build, test, lint). Live updates from these automations are a great way to know the state of the PR and determine if it's ready for review. However, these updates can get noisy.

Pullflow now creates a single to-do style message for all automation updates for the PR. The message dynamically updates as the of each check run changes, and you can still see the overall outcome on the root message with the color coded reactions (🟢 success; ⚪️ pending; 🔴 failure).

Commit lists for PR updates

You can now see a list of commits in Slack for every new push to the PR. This is a great way to see the summary of updates and decide the next step for the code review.

Review comment resolution

When you resolve a review comment/suggestion in GitHub or VS Code, Pullflow will add a ☑️ reaction to the message so the reviewer can see your progress and decide when to get back in to the review.

Upstream PRs from forks

We are committed to creating a great experience for open source projects, many of which have a large number of forks and contributors. Pullflow helps core committers and maintainers manage their code review inbox by denoting upstream PRs from public forks with the 🌐 icon and the name of the contributor.

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