Version 0.4

Bot Messages and Open Source Projects


Last Update 3 years ago

🆕 This feature requires new Slack permissions. Log out and then back in on to update permissions.

🤖 Talk to the bot!

  • You can send simple commands to the Pullflow bot by mentioning it in Slack messages. Try posting a Slack message with `@Pullflow help`.
  • You can attach multiple repositories to a single channel by posting the `@Pullflow attach` message in the desired channel.
  • You can also detach extra repositories using `@Pullflow detach`.

✍🏼 Improved Markdown support
  • You can use more markdown syntax in GitHub and Slack with automatic translation.
  • You can now use synchronized Todos and Image Attachments.

⚙️ Automation & Open Source

  • There is improved support for GitHub actions and 3rd-party GitHub apps.
  • Messages and onboarding has been improved for Open Source/Public repositories.

P.S. We will be adding support for Slack slash commands (/pullflow) and Shortcuts in a future release.

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