Taming notifications in Pullflow

Making it less noisy


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Notifications can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when teams are active in Pullflow. To ensure a more efficient workflow, consider the following ways to manage notifications effectively:

1. In the Pullflow app:

  • Take advantage of the "@Pullflow config" bot command in a Channel to configure notifications and customize what updates you receive. You can disable notifications for check run updates, messages from bots, and draft pull requests by simply mentioning the Pullflow bot with "@Pullflow config" in a Slack Channel.

Please note that this configuration will be applied to all team members.

  • Alternatively, consider creating separate channels for different repositories and pull requests, allowing team members to tailor their Slack notifications based on their interests and requirements.

2. Optimize in Slack:

  • Adjust the Slack Channel configuration to "@Mentions" or disable notifications entirely to reduce unnecessary noise. Access Slack Channel settings, navigate to Notifications, and choose your preferred option.

By implementing these, you can effectively manage and tame notifications in Pullflow, ensuring that your team stays productive and focused without being overwhelmed by excessive notifications.

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